Sales Considerations for Book Launch

I have never been on board with the idea of making my books exclusively available through one channel–see my post from last week about the only sure way to make pirates of honest readers.

But I was looking at numbers on my Smashwords earnings report for last quarter, and suddenly there are enough sales there that I would be losing about a third of my readers if I went exclusively through Amazon for ebook distribution.  I actually hadn’t looked at the extended channels sales for a while–not since before I revamped my descriptions in the spring, when sales were virtually nonexistant from any part of Smashwords. Suddenly, though, the number of sales in the extended distribution channels (though not Smashwords directly) is significant. Kobo is by far the biggest chunk, but there were quite a few from Apple. Almost none from any of the other channels, including Barnes and Noble.

So I guess this information also supports Kobo’s expansion and plan to become a major player in the ebook market. Seems like it’s working for them so far….

Anyway, even though I still haven’t finished the next book, it’s never too soon to start thinking of how its launch will be handled. Not that I had any doubts about distributing everywhere I could, but…it feels nice to have that instinct validated in sales as well as philosophical principle.



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2 responses to “Sales Considerations for Book Launch

  1. I spent a few hours yesterday sorting the Smashwords data into something I could use. When I finished I was too tired to resort by channel.

    I miss my database. Always hoped Quick books would work to sort through the sales, but can’t figure out how to load the data.

    But my ‘sales’ were only freebies – with a handful of sales from B&N, though I’ve got a B&N account I haven’t had a single sale through them since November of last year. (Very frustrating – they used to be my best vendor.)

    One thing for sure – it was worth the time to find out where I stand with them.

    • The only place I used to sell via Smashwords channels was B&N. Then a handful of Apple sales, mostly international, then suddenly here comes Kobo. As you say, definitely worth the time to sort out the data…whatever the use/conclusion turns out to be. 🙂

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