Two by Two, Hands of Blue

Or, I Am Making Slow Progress and Using Violence in My Visualizations

September 14 is the one year point for this project. I am determined to be done with it by then. I would like to be done with not just the rough draft but also the rewriting, revisions based on beta feedback, and ruthless copyediting diet (where the manuscript struggles to lose every unnecessary word). I don’t know if that would be possible even if I finish the rough draft this weekend; it would cut it close. But at the very least I will not be writing anymore by then. I will be editing. Or finished.

So I have finally come to the last river I have to build a bridge across before I hit the climax.  The end of the book should be fun and easy to write. It is a very specific sequence of scenes and events, and it has been in place long enough in my outline for me to feel confident that I will not need additional scenes. The gray area has always been how to get from the last Event I knew about early on to the events of the end.  As with all fog banks, cloud does not seem so impenetrable from the inside of it, and that has proven true for me. I have three and a half more scenes that will be hard to write because they were not visualized in advance, but finally, finally, finally, I am sure that these are the last links through the nebulous “what happens between the sister’s debut and the end?” field.

I don’t know how long it will take me to get through this section in words, or how long the end will take to write. Or how long the beginning will take to re-write. Words have been hard to come by the last…month. I’ve gotten in the habit of forcing at least 100 a day. Not much, but something. With enough days it adds up. I am hoping this weekend will be more productive. No husband to spend time with as he will be on call and/or at work, no movies I need to watch for festival screening purposes, no projects of any stripe that would require my attention now as opposed to next week.

Time to get in my imaginary Hummer and just drive over the rubble of my writer’s roadblock.  Maybe I’ll back up over it again just for fun.

Time to drink all my ADD’s milkshake. I’ll drink it up! All gone.

Time to pull on my blue gloves.  Two by two, I will murder the words until the job is done.

Two by two.


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