“This Could Only Happen To Me”

A few months back I went through a phase of rediscovering the Beatles. I was basically listening to them nonstop at work for about a month. As I heard certain songs for the first time in years (or in some cases ever), I would find myself thinking of one of my heroes and how the song could be his theme song.  Some were love songs, some were jealous songs, some were pieces like “I’m So Tired.” Eventually I found that pretty much all my heroes have a Beatles theme song.

Strangely, the one exception was the hero of the work in progress, whose relationship dynamic with the heroine seemed like the one angle of romance not explored by the Fab Four. Which is basically impossible since the entire front half of their catalog is nothing but love songs. So I kept listening and thinking.

I tossed around some of the more generic love songs in my head as being okay for him, but I have finally come to the conclusion that they actually DID write the perfect song for him: “I Should Have Known Better.”  Because the whole point of how his relationship with the heroine develops is that it blindsides him. He should have expected it with someone like her, only he didn’t, and by the time he realized he should have, it was too late.

“I…should have known better with a girl like you, that I would love everything that you do, and I do”

“I…never realized what a kiss could be; this could only happen to me”

“I never realized a lot of things before; if this is love you gotta give me more”

Yes. That encapsulates his experience pretty perfectly.



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