Negative Sunday and Counting Update

I am T +3 days past my finishing deadline of the end of May. I am still not finished.  I basically wrote nothing between last Monday and Friday after I got off work. It was a long week at the office, and I just didn’t have it in me to either concentrate after work or get up early the next day to do it before going in.  Hopefully this week will be better…should be, as part of last week’s issue was nasty allergy/asthma attacks that wore me down more than usual.

I have put a fair amount of time into it this weekend, though, and hope to get more done yet tonight and just keep pushing this week. If nothing else husband is away next weekend to see Prometheus with his HS buddies, so I will have no one to distract me or to cook for or to remind me to go to bed or leave the house. Next Sunday my post will be “I’m Finished.” I am bound and DETERMINED on that point.

Word count is up to 98,586. 

I have about six sequences left to write.  Some of them will be single scenes, others will be several scenes. I expect my final word count will be around 110-115K. For the very first rough draft. It should immediately drop by about five thousand words when I re-write and streamline the first three chapters.

After that I think it will be off to beta readers, so they can work on the story while I work on the copyediting. 

Speaking of beta readers:  if any of you writers who read my blog would be interested in exchanging edits or beta reads, I would love to widen my feedback pool, especially to include other writers (verses people who are primarily readers). I write romance, so I would like beta readers who at least read romance and will know the tropes/constraints/cliches of the genre, but if what you write is something else I am a pretty avid reader of YA, fantasy, and SF as well as romance and would be able to offer an informed opinion on any of those genres in exchange.  I’ll probably be ready to send rough draft off to first readers around mid-June. An edit exchange would be probably late June. Email me if interested!

That is all. Taking a break to watch #Tywinning close out the season of Game of Thrones and then back to work.

Mush! Muuuushhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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