Am I Trending? Two Months Is Enough to Be a Trend, Right?

In the interest of continuing to note my business trends for posterity, and anyone who might be interested, I thought I’d offer an update on how my sales are doing on the Twelfth Night stories post-revamping their descriptions.  

These are ebooks that have been available for about a year.  I do not bother tinkering with the price. I haven’t bothered requesting a review or Tweeting about either of them since last summer. They are out in the world, being bought or not, and read or not, as it please the digital consumers who stumble across them. 

My sales last summer were about 10 books a month every month (which by most standards is substantively 0). By fall they petered out to about 5 sales a month and stayed there through winter. I decided to re-write the descriptions and add a subtitle explaining length and genre to see if that might help.

Verdict is tentatively in that, yes, it has helped. Sales for April and May were about triple what they had been, and higher than my monthly averages right after the books came out (which was their peak until now). I feel good about these numbers as a trend.

I have had relatively little feedback from readers, so I have no idea if people are reading and enjoying the novellas, but I have to assume they are because often the sales between the two titles (which are connected) will invert, so one will sell one week and the other the next.

These numbers are all still with a grain of salt because my sample pool is so small, but I do think the change was sudden enough and drastic enough to be more than a statistically insignificant variance. I feel it’s safe to say the new descriptions really did help.

Up next will be a complete overhaul of the ebook formatting, including new covers, for these two, so I can work out the kinks of making beautiful ebooks before I need to do the formatting on my first novel later this summer. I am quite curious to see if a new look will boost interest, if I can make something a little more typically romance-y.  Much as I love my current covers…I’m not sure they’re catching eyes.

But that’s not going to happen right away. That’s a project for the period of waiting for beta readers to return the novel. Which comes after I finish the rough draft, then finish my rewrites for scenes I know need revision, and then finish my first rough-shod round of self-line-editing….


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