The Epic Editorial List

Because I am a clinical Type A personality–that is, I panic and get paralyzed with indecision if I have no plan in place, even though I can roll with changing the plan on the fly–I have already begun to think about the editorial work on my novel, even though I am still 10 scenes away from being finished.  Specifically, I sat down and typed out a list of all the different editorial glasses I am going to need to examine my work through. I made the list so I don’t forget anything when the time comes to implement the plan.  I also made the list so I can clear those thoughts from my head, secure in the knowledge that I don’t have to remember those issues in order to examine them later, thereby freeing my mind to think more creatively, abstractly, macroeconomically, than it was if it was focused on trying to remember all the problem areas it had already identified.

Listing is ergonomical for me, is what I’m saying.

Anyway, I ended up with a pretty long list of items to address.  Right now the part of the document that addresses editing–versus the revisions I know already need to be made and the ebook formatting section–is a full page (single-spaced).  Over thirty lines of uniqute tasks at present, and will probably approach forty by the time I am actually finished drafting and ready to edit. 

You see, I have already noticed a difference in how I consider revisions and editing since I started the list. I’m not thinking in terms of mechanics; those can be flushed from my mind, because I have them on the list. Now I’m looking at quirks of my personality and writing that might create problems in a novel, such as my tendency to belabor a point in conversation. I…definitely do that in writing, too. Bam. Item 33, the Don’t Belabor The Point Pass.

I’ll post the whole list when my editing on the novel is final.

In the meantime, ten more scenes and ten thousand more words to get down.



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2 responses to “The Epic Editorial List

  1. I’ll be glad to see your list since I’m making my own final pass list. I have a mission to remove the word “gaze”, but I’m not at all certain I can pull that one off. It’s just one of my wish list things. (I can’t stand the word. Just *grr*)

    • ha! I tend to just not use words i don’t like in the first place. problem solved.

      that being said…i can’t imagine writing a romance novel without gazing in it. hm. that seems…quite challening. good luck 🙂

      and i will definitely post the final list. sadly (or happily) it has grown since i wrote this post 2 days ago…

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