My document total crossed the 100K marker. 

My word count on the actual story (not inclusive of notes and research notes) is over 85,000.

The number of scenes to be written has finally stopped expanding to remain at 18 every time I recalibrated it and is definitively going down. Currently there are 15 to write; half of them have been sketched so going should be pretty quick from here.

I…do not see much of a possibility for finishing by first deadline goal of Monday the 21st, but there is considerable hope for being done by the end of May.

The momentum is definitely here. The story has finally gone from being a snowball I have to roll forward every couple feet to a snow boulder barreling down the mountain under the force of its own weight times gravity’s exertion.

I…may not be here much for the next week. This is why: I am writing.


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