Point: Tipped

I’ve blogged before about the tipping point of writing a story, about getting lost in the middle third, about how hard it is to keep all the strands of a novel in my head at once, and about the “sophomore slump” that had to be conquered to get this first novel underway.

I am happy to report that I have finally, at long, long, long last, reached the tipping point for my novel. The one I’ve been writing since September, that I tried to finish for NaNoWriMo 2011, that has been novel-length since January, and from whose mushy middle I finally emerged triumphant back at the end of February. It has taken over eight months and 80,000 words for me to reach the point where this story has my full concentration whenever some other part of my life is not demanding it. And “demanding” is the right word there…till now it has been very easy for something else to seduce me away from working on this novel. Now I have to be forced away from my keyboard and Word doc.

I am so thrilled about this. I can’t even describe how exciting it is to be fired up everytime I sit down to write. Jimmy is back in my mind, convincing me to give another scene a go when I finish one and feel mentally drained. Worst case I go ahead and stop; best case I get another 300 or 500 words, another scene started or even finished.

I don’t know if I will meet my self-imposed deadline of finishing by May 21, but prognosis looks good for finishing by the end of the month at the latest. I hope I can keep my momentum going, that this is not a flash in the pan but the real tipping point where the finale is so close the words just spew forth at high velocity until the story is done and I have nothing left to say. It feels like I am at that point. And considering I am 10-20% of the way from the end, I am at the right point in the narrative for that to be so based on when it happened with my novellas.


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