The Anniversary Statistics

It’s a year since I put up my first substantive post here (May 7 was the first real one, which makes tonight day 365).  It’s been a good year for a blog started by someone no one’s ever heard of.

209 posts – that means I’ve averaged about one post every two days. Wow. That’s more than I thought. No idea on the total word count here, though. I don’t think I want to know.

4296 views – most of them either the same 10 or so people who legitimately follow my posts or random Google searches

I’ve had I think 4 articles or maybe even 5 get linked by someone with a lot of traffic (mostly by the Passive Voice but Kristine Kathryn Rusch liked my post about not getting exploited enough to Tweet it), so a good 4-500 of the views were also legit strangers interested in the same things I am

20 followers (via WordPress or email subscription) with another 80 or so via Twitter (which I really don’t use much except for linking to my posts)

Somewhere in the range of 100 books sold (combined total) for my pair of Twelfth Night novellas. I think it probably amounts to about 70 unique sales, as most of the time I think people buy both (which is gratifying!) but not always. Not a high number but better than leaving them sitting on my hard drive collecting dust while I pounded away at a novel in hopes of getting a publisher and then getting offered a place in an anthology where one or the other of my masquerade babies might go. No. They are better off roaming the wilds of the interwebs finding proper homes.

Interestingly, since I redid the descriptions (not the covers…yet), I have seen an uptick in sales. The numbers had been pretty steadily about six per month (so two each-ish) until after Christmas, when it went down to like three per month.  Last month I had double-digit sales, the first time that happened since last summer, so I was pretty thrilled. I’m halfway there for May and it’s only the first week. I hesitate to call it momemtum, but perhaps a trend, at least.

I am especially pleased to have found a few followers of this blog whom I don’t know in the real world and who consistently pop in to comment or “like” posts. It feels great to know my words aren’t sinking unheard into the void, so thank all of you who come back for more!

I have big plans for Year 2–release my first novel and two to three related but independent novelette to novella length stories, and hopefully the first story or two from the erotica dark fairy-tale world I’ve started building just to have something totally different to work on when I need a break from historical romance.  Actually, all of that is just the first half of Year 2, since those are my goals for calendar year 2012. Following that, in 2013 during the wind-down for Year 2, would hopefully be publishing another novel.

And the goals are not just pipe dreams, as I’m 80% finished with the novel and have mostly outlined and definitely started sketching scenes for all three connected shorts (and the erotica). I’ll say this for my ADD, if I can just stick with all of them long enough to finish, I’ll have a nice little stable ready to go in a short span of time, which I’ve heard is one of the best ways to get hooked into the sales beget sales loop. I’ll keep that updated once I get there. 🙂

Transparency, baby. And now, Year 2.


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