Goals: Because Publicizing Them Makes You Accountable

I have decided to set a goal for myself of finishing my novel in the next month. 30 days. That is roughly one scene per day. Generally my scenes run 1000-2000 words, so this is doable. Tough, perhaps, but not unobtainable.

And I think it is exactly what I need to finish. I’m at 73K as of Sunday night (got a couple thousand words banged out while my dog was romping at the dark park, yay multi-tasking!), and I’ve been predicting 100K since about the 50K mark.  So 30K (give or take 1000 words per day for 3o days) should be right on the mark for that.

I have just hit a point where I realized…I’m tired of putting writing off. I want to get this story finished so I can get it FIXED, so I can have it to read and enjoy and send out into the world while I move on to the next story. (Have two shorter pieces in mind next, novelette to novella length, and I’m looking forward to writing a shorter piece again.)  I looked at my projected length, and the scenes to go list, and the average length of one of my scenes and thought…if I can get one scene per day completed, then I can finish this in a month.

So I am formally and officially setting a goal for myself to be done with this novel by May 21 using the 1/1/30 method. Mission: impossible? We shall see…



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2 responses to “Goals: Because Publicizing Them Makes You Accountable

  1. “…publicizing them makes you accountable.”

    It sure does. That was pretty much the only reason I started my blog in the first place.

    Good luck, chica!

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