Novel Progress Update

So here we are in late April, and I’m still working on the novel I wanted to finish during NaNoWriMo. I started it in September. I will point out that when I started in September I expected it to be about 75K, and now it will probably be 100K or even a bit more (in terms of first draft–the final should go down by a few thousand words, at least).  I have over 70K written, and as I said on my last update am down to a checklist of scenes, because basically every scene that happens from here on is an Event.

Going has been molasses in winter slow the past month due to a job change. My hours went from 8-4 (non-Daylight Savings Time) to 7-4 starting the Monday after DST took effect. This 2-hour difference in my work day start time has…wreaked havoc on my writing schedule, because the best–and sometimes only–time of day for me to write is before work. Getting up at 445 to have even a solid hour (after getting caffeine that would put me sitting down at 5, and I have to start thinking about getting ready for work 6-615) has been…a struggle. So most of my writing over the past month has been on weekends, and while I can finish a novel writing only on weekends…the going is a lot slower than I would like it to be, and the stop-n-go creative action keeps my muse from popping in to help much, so most of the writing I do get is tedious, plodding, thought-out words and not inspired words. Which is not a judgment about how they read back later but rather a writing speed issue.

So, I am a little frustrated with myself that I haven’t been able to adapt more quickly to my new routine, but I am excited to finish because I can see the end in sight. If I can get the rough draft done by the end of May I will be thrilled…the hope would be to get it done sooner, but that could only happen if I figure out a better routine. Or learn how to focus at night so I could write then–but my ADD/mental exhaustion after work has for my entire working life been prohibitive of nighttime creation. I guess I could try again and see if that’s changed….


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