PayPal, I Tip My Hat to You

Or, Changing Your Mind Isn’t Quite As Good As Not Trying to Ban Legal Fiction to Begin with, But I Respect Your Decision to Learn from Mistakes and Applaud Your (New) Support of Free Speech

Since I pretty furiously called PayPal out for trying to ban legal fiction they deemed “obscene” here, I wanted to call attention to the fact that they have reversed this decision vis a vis Smashwords (and hopefully other ebook retailers, as well).  This was the correct decision.  There is no reason to ban FICTIONAL DEPICTIONS of legal behavior, however distasteful it might be to someone.

So, props for changing your mind. Thank you for supporting uncensored speech and the freedom of authors to write and sell, and readers to buy and consume (enjoy or otherwise!), any (legal) product they desire.


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Filed under Digital Revolution, Rants and Storms

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