Novel-In-Progress Status Update

My draft thus far just topped 60K words. Twice as long as the longest thing I’ve written till now. 

I have pretty much hit the point where all the set-up is taken care of, and from here on it is action that pulls in one strand or another until or knocks out one situation that has been foreshadowed or another. So that’s good.

What’s bad is that I was so very far off my initial estimate of this being a 75K word story…yeah, my document word total (which includes all notes and pre-drafted scenes) is up to that already.  Oops.  Either this will end up being a romance at the long end of average (100K), or I am going to have some serious trimming to do when I get into edits, or both.

On the up side, I haven’t really run into any situations where I realized I have to go back and re-write a character’s motivation or an earlier incident. That’s a direct effect, I think, of knowing the entire story going in.  So while I may have a few scenes where I need to make the motivation more (or less) visible, that’s just…basic revision. For the most part I think revision will not be rewriting or restructuring so much as tightening.

On a curious note, I’m realizing that I have very little of the content that hallmarks so many romance novels–hardly any descriptions of the hero’s tight bum or rock-hard abs, and almost no references to the heroine’s bosom, of either the heaving or the quivering variety.  I don’t know how much of that will get added in later when I do the “sexual tension” swoop. Perhaps I really do simply write like Jane Austen plus a sex scene or two.  Or perhaps it is simply that these characters are too busy becoming friends who trust and rely on one another to spend that much time dwelling on their physical attraction?

In terms of how much more I have to write, there are at minimum 18 separate scenes still to go, and that number might expand with a few more bridge scenes (although perhaps not).  Of those 18, fully half are pre-drafted in full or in part, so I would say that at this point I am probably 2/3 of the way through writing the first draft. I would really love to have it finished by the end of March–that would meet my goal of spending a quarter of the year on each project I plan to publish in 2012–and while that’s not unattainable, it is not perhaps the most realistic of goals. It would require something close to NaNoWriMo level dedication.  Perhaps I will find it…or perhaps I will need April, as well, on the excuse that my other planned publications are all novellas.

I think seeing the end in sight (seeing the 18 scenes listed out makes me realize how little else but those scenes I will need to write, and how easy most of them should be) will be inspiring.  And perhaps one of these days my muse will pull himself out of the gutter. Then again, when he does that it might well come with a storm of new ideas for new projects, and for now I need to focus on finishing up what I’ve started!

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