Stumbled Onto a Sexy Southern Ginge

Or, The Sexy Southern Ginge: A LeFevre Original Cocktail

Tried a new drink last night.

A recipe of necessity because after a really terrible day, for a lot of different reasons, I needed a good stiff drink when I got home and found myself limited only by the contents of my kitchen and the bounds of my creativity.

For some reason…it occurred to me that my good-for-settling-the-stomach ginger ale might actually be a fine mixer with my Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.

I think I went roughly 1 part to 2, vodka to ginger ale.

Ladies and gentlemen…a success! Verily a success! And there was much rejoicing.

The combination makes a light, refreshing sweet cocktail. The dryness of the ginger ale cuts down on the cloying sweetness of the tea-flavored vodka, and the flavors mixed really well together. Firefly is often served with a lemon in it, which would probably still make a good garnish with this combination, though I cannot verify as I did not have any fresh lemon on hand. I can’t speak as to whether the ginger ale mitigates the hangover Firefly can cause because I only had one (granted it had like three ounces of the vodka, but…).

I coined the name Southern Ginge for it just because…Firefly is made in the South, and the South is home to sweet tea, and I was mixing it with GINGER ale…and who doesn’t love a good Southern gentleman or a sexy ginge?



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