Is This a New–What Year Is This?

Or, The Ubiquitous Goals for 2012 Post

I sat down yesterday and took a look at where I am on various projects right now, and tried to set a few attainable but challenging goals for myself.  For posterity acountability, here they are:

  • Write 300,000 words of fiction (not all on the same project!)
  • Fully commit to and complete NaNoWriMo 2012 (either a complete novella from scratch or 50,000 words on a novel, new or otherwise)
  • Publish 4 new ebooks, at least one of them a full novel
  • Keep better stat’s for my writing

I would love to have my word goal divided more or less evenly between the four quarters of the year.  That would mean finishing my current novel-in-progress before April and the two related novelettes/novellas, along with any revisions and rewriting on the novel, by July. That would be a good start toward my goal, even if it would be a bit less than halfway by actual word counts (successful NaNoWriMo mitigates that!).

I think the important things for me to do are to keep track of both the big picture and the daily/weekly steps to get there. 300,000 is a big number…but it’s less than 1000 words per day if I write every day, or exactly 1000 if I write every weekday and one weekend day most weekends of the year.

So really the only thing I have to do is hammer out 1000 little words every day, and the goals meet themselves.

Anyone out there trying anything radically different in their goal-meeting approach this year? Let me know what goals all y’all are setting!



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2 responses to “Is This a New–What Year Is This?

  1. Very brave goals you’ve set. I’m afriad that I haven’t got that far yet. I’ll be checking up on you to see how you’re progressing throughout 2012!!!

    • Thank you! As I said, part of posting them is to lend them the gravitas of an audience…. Best of luck with any goals *you* set, if you end up finding specific ones to set for yourself! I’ll be checking up on you too 🙂

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