2011 Year in Review for an Experimental Indie Author*

2 ebooks published

6 reviews–4 glowing, 1 a mixed positive, 1 a mixed negative

Somewhere south of 100 books sold but I haven’t added them up since I passed 70…I just know I haven’t sold another 30 since I did that.

$20 delivered to my bank account


155 blog posts

2000 page views

95 followers of either my blog or my Twitter feed (which is sadly only a recap of the blog until I acquire a smartphone)


6 new stories started (2 abandoned for forseeable future)

0 new stories completed

2 old abandoned stories reevaluated and found viable for future expansion

NaNoWriMo half-attempted and half-failed


A reflection back on what I see going on in publishing and why I still think self-publishing was the right first choice for me. 

*If you have not been reading my blog since its inception, my original post about why I was choosing to try self-publishing first, in which I admit I was essentially undertaking an experiment.

Or, All things considered, I think I shall choose to be pleased


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