There Is No Bottle For These Symptoms

  • Sore eyeballs
  • Everything smells like a saltwater breeze
  • Bronchial tube so inflamed I can barely swallow
  • No appetite despite no fever

Ugh.  Came home from Christmas in my parents’ drafty old country estate house with a head cold that deepened into a chest cold the night I got back in my own house.  Very glad it waited for the central air to do that; I can’t imagine how much more this would hurt if I were still sleeping in a room hovering in the 40s all night.

In tangential news, it gave me an idea for a new story to start now and finish five years from now….

In tangential comments, I am finally feeling better enough to turn my computer back on, so from now on we should be back to more regularly scheduled blogging here at LWLF-Co.

Hope you all had a wonderful winter holiday, whatever name you use for it!


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