Of Road Trips and Dragons

I have decided to try something a little different on my first road trip of the holiday season, a nice little 7-hour drive by myself, and see if I can get any work done by composing vocally while I drive. I have not been able to bring myself to take the plunge on purchased speech software like Dragon yet, but my computer has Microsoft’s Voice Recognition software. I figured it might be worth trying it out to see if I can even write that way before actually buying separate software.

I’ll report back later once I’ve had the chance to figure out if it works at all, and if it works for me….



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2 responses to “Of Road Trips and Dragons

  1. Good idea – let us know how it all works out.

    • I will confess a change of plans when my dad asked me Friday before I left, “what that speech recognition software was again” bc he wants to buy me Dragon for Christmas. So since the MS version required 30 minutes of training and I knew I was getting the other one, I didn’t go through setting it up. I’ll report on Dragon once I have it, though! I think it will be an interesting learning curve for me, but a potentially useful one, and if I have the whole “crap someone spent money on this for me” sense of obligation I’ll probably keep trying until I figure out how to make it work for me even if I find writing that way hard at first….

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