“Looking forward to your next post on cheap tools”

Or, Spam Only a Romance Writer Would Find Unintentionally Hilarious

That is, I find the idea of that double entendre hilarious, but I don’t think it *actually* applies to me as an author.

I mean, ARE my heroes tools?  If so, are they cheap ones, to boot? I vote no to both points (although if you have read one of my stories and would like to disagree, feel free. I welcome all points of view).  Well, maybe my current leading man, impoverished gent that he is, could be considered a bit thrifty, but, ladies, let me tell you, he is a steal. Worth ten times what he’s…worth (financially)….

Also? I am super-sad that Google images didn’t spit out a single image of a man labeled “cheap tool.” Someday this post will rectify that for some random blogger out there looking for that image. You’re welcome. Also, bonus points if you can identify this movie on first glance.


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