Kirk Herbstreit Is the Beau Brummell of ESPN

Before I get into my explanation, let’s just take a moment to bask in the glory that is Kirk Herbstreit’s sartorial decision-making:

Mmm. This is a man who knows how to dress.  Week in and week out, he is a dish that makes College Game Day worth watching even for those football wives who don’t care about the game (for the record: I do). What occurred to me today, though, is that he is essentially the Beau Brummell of the sports media world. His wardrobe is discreet and understated, but it always–always–flatters him.  The suits are shades of gray and blue, so as to best highlight his pale blue eyes, and the ties at most will offer a contrast of gold to match his hair and (spray?) tan.  He never looks flashy or out of place, but yet he always looks impeccable. Impeccably styled, and impeccably played up to his own best features.

He is, in fact, quite literally a dandy by Regency standards. I think it’s a wonderful contemporary example of what dandyism really was–not over-the-top exhibitionism, but rather faultless execution of every detail of sophisticated, understated tailoring.

As I have said before: everything is synthesis. I cannot turn off the historical romantic novelist even when I’m sitting in a bar watching College Game Day half-drunk at 10 a.m.  And you know what? I don’t want to. Because synthesis is the highest form of cognition–at least according to the learning heirarchy I grew up with….


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