And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging

Or, Final NaNoWriMo 2011 Attempt Stat’s

Ending document (story plus notes and scene sketches): 46,800 words (opening document was around 19,000 words, about 9K story and 10K notes)

Ending contiguous narrative: 33,652

Total words written in November: 27,402 words, with 17,284 of that written from November 19-28

Total forward progress: 25,011 words. 

I started the month with little more than my prologue and the opening scene from both heroine and hero’s perspectives.  Now I am about halfway through the project overall, with 2/5 of outline written from the beginning in a continous narrative flow. The outline percentage is deceptive because I’m considering the climax/denoument a full 1/5 even though the word count it requires will not be.  Thus my 2/5 of the outline is actually about 45% of my projected word count written straight through.  This, together with the pre-written sketches of most of the major scenes from here on out, means I’m at the halfway point overall.  It’s all downhill from here…at least on the draft.

I’m not even thinking about the editing yet…that will be a whole nother statistic, and one I can’t even try to guess at before I get the roughest draft back from my first readers (best friend and mom). 

I have come up with a tentative title, and I have a picture chosen for the cover if I can afford a license for it (one hopes, but does not expect…I’m not even emailing about it until the book is in revisions). I have ideas for two small stories that could come out of it…one might be integrated in as a subplot, the other definitely will not, but my thought right now is that they will both be separate stories, and either (or both) will be what I write while waiting to get feedback from first readers.  I also have a science fiction world I built ages ago–the first year out of college, in fact–that has been on my mind lately as a place to revisit, so I may jump tracks completely and go floating in the emptiness between the stars for a while after this instead.  Remains to be seen where my head is on the far side.

But in the meantime I remain enthusiastic about my story and my characters, and I’m looking forward to the second half of the story, which will be the fun part of bringing them together will they, nill they….

So how’d the rest of you fare during November?


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