NaNoWriMo Is For Lovers (Update #4)

I am going to fail at my first serious NaNoWriMo attempt.  Although, it could be argued that I didn’t actually make a serious attempt given that I allotted no extra time than my previous schedule for writing for the first two and a half weeks of the challenge. 

There are still a few blocks of writing time between now and December first: tonight, the mornings before work Monday-Wednesday, lunch breaks Monday-Wednesday, and the evenings of Monday-Wednesday.  My goal is another 8000-10,000 words in that period, which will grant me victory for a half-NaNo (if defined as 25,000 words in two weeks). 

Right now I am close to 26,000 words beyond where I was October 31.  Another 10,000 (let’s be optimistic and round up, shall we?) should put me at the half-way point of my novel by outline and projected word count.  If that’s right, the extra words would also put me beyond halfway in real terms, since there are still a number of scenes pre-written in a skelatal form lessening the distance still to go in the second half of the writing.

Maybe I’ll keep the NaNo going and define mine as November 18-December 17.  Or maybe give it another go in December.  That should give me a complete rough draft, and a finished novel would be a lovely Christmas present for myself….


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