Nothing Like a 5-Page Sex Scene to Get NaNoWriWe Started Off Right

Or, NaNoWriMo Update 3

NaNoWrMo has kind of turned into NaNoWriWe for me, since this week is the first time I’m really devoting myself to the project.  I am pleased with my progress so far–2889 on Saturday and some 4695 words today. 

I’ve made a couple interesting (to me, at least) observations already.  First, if I’m not “in the mood” to be writing a particular scene, I find my words excruciatingly boring if I read my work back.  And, sadly, yes, it includes the sex scene.  I don’t know how I will feel about them later, of course, but I am definitely working with the typical NaNo philosophy of “fix it later.”  The sections that I write at the end of the day, when my brain is exhausted from composing and the actual creative side comes out–basically, when I stop slogging forward on linking scenes and just sketch in a snippet from whatever part of the story comes flying up out of my subconscious–are much more likely to stand without heavy revision than the parts I write on my direct forward progress, in order from Chapter 1.

Second, 2800 words seems to be about my functional limit for the composing mode right now.  I know it must sound weird for me to separate the different kinds of writing like that, but it really is different for me to sit down and consciously construct sentences and descriptions and the froufera of the Novel Narrative Voice, than it is to just jot down a conversation I hear going on in my head.  I hope it’s like working out, where the more I do it the more I am able to do it. For these two days, getting to the 2800 word mark at which point my mind just stopped making sense of words has taken about six hours of writing.  Slow, slow, slow–way too slow.  I understand that I am lucky to have this week off, and knowing that I would was part of why I didn’t try harder to hit my 1700/2000 word counts earlier in the month…why I am so desperately behind right now.  But what I want to be able to take away from NaNoWriMo is the ability to do it again, maybe not every month but perhaps every other.  That means I need to be able to bang out 3000 words in, say, four hours–that would give me 1500 in my two hours before work session every morning.

It’s hard for me to tell exactly how much progress I’m making on the story overall.  I have moved past the first part of the story, out of the inciting incident and into the long stretch of character building/life choices making before my hero and heroine find one another again.  Some of the plot events are still floating nebulously above the firm events in my outline, uncertain of where, exactly, they will take place in relation to the parts I do have pinned in place.  I am also getting more of the scenes that will happen later pre-written, or at least pre-drafted, and so while it may feel like I am only 20% through based on my outline, it is probably closer to 40% because of all the words I won’t have to write in later scenes when I get to them in the chronological draft. 

I hope this post was coherent.  If not, I suppose it can stand as a testament to my state of mind right now.  My brain is mush.  I have almost reached the point where I no longer understand my own native tongue, where I see not words on the page but symbols that have no relevance and no meaning to me…kind of like if you say one word over and over again, it eventually become so much noise.  Like that, except with all words. 

Anyway, the point is: there are 10 days left in the month, and my word count is almost up to 16,000. Miles to go before I sleep. 

Miles to go, butterfly.

So how about that lapdance?


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