Theory of Twitter and Blogging

Say a lot of weird, interesting stuff and people will start to find you.

This NaNoWriMo thing is killing my stats from regular readers (fail on my part as an author if they are all writers and no readers), so I am considering devoting what spare moments I have for this blog for the rest of this month to getting more obscurities in my SEO relevance. 

Because to date, I’ve had about three people come looking for me. The rest who have found me via search engine have been looking for, roughly in order:

  • the barrel-riding scene in The Hobbit
  • Edmund Blair Leighton
  • (lady) in a garden (possibly to be construed as the painting title “Lady in a Garden” and possibly not)
  • Eric and Ariel kiss
  • and a lot of “[colloquialism] meaning” for things like humble pie best served cold, difference between lightning and lightning bug, what was the Port Huron Statement, etc., etc.

I have no idea if any of them have looked at anything besides the isolated Google image. I have no idea if any of them have been annoyed about my blogging on something only vaguely related to the term they were trying to define. I have no idea if any of them came back again just because.

But I do know that it’s an awfully long list of terms that have nothing to do with romance novels, writing, or me, and thus obscurity is an untapped market.  I think my new motto is going to be, if I can’t find it easily on Google, then I need to blog about it, because no one else will be able to find it easily, either.


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