NaNo Update 1

Or, Six Days In

Word count progress: 4675

This is, obviously, behind “schedule” if I am assuming equal word output across all 30 days in the month. If I am assuming equal progress on every day, I should be at 9996; if I am assuming my self-imposed goal of 2000 (to make up for the days I know I will not be able to write) then I should be at 12,000.

Either way, yes, I’m behind.

And only going to get more so for another week. What can I say? It’s Ren Faire season and my costume is not ready yet so my evenings this week are dedicated to sewing. That still leaves my writing time in the mornings before work and on some of my lunch breaks/while dinner is simmering breaks, but those snatched moments are not really enough.

But I knew an initial delay was going to happen going into this month due to the RF expedition having been planned for the 12th since long before I decided to NaNo. What I do have is the entire week of Thanksgiving off–my day job’s office closes for that span, very generous–and my husband is going to his family without me. So I will have nine days late in the month to do nothing but write. While I’m not planning to write the entire damn 50,000 words in those nine days (my personal best daily output, by the way, is around 5000 so in theory I think I COULD do it), I am not sweating if my word count for this week is again more in the 500-1000 range, or about half what it “should” be.

On the positive side away from the coldness of the numbers, I’ve had a couple pretty great insights into the later, fuzzier events of the book and am pretty happy with how my characters are rounding out.

What about my fellows out there tapping away except for brief minutes to troll the interwebs–how y’all doing?


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