Interview Part 2!

Or, The personal half of my first interview is now available, too…

Last week I pointed you to part 1 of my interview with writer Dana Sitar.  That part was all about writing goals, self-publishing, and why I write romance.

This half is slightly more personal, delving into my life outside writing a bit.

A snippet from this half:

Dana: What effect does making your work public (with the blog, e-book) have on your image of yourself as a writer?

Lily: It motivates me to write more, try harder. That was pretty much my hope—I wanted a catalyst to quit daydreaming about being an author and actually work toward it. Self-publishing my novellas was a huge step toward making my dream a reality. A concrete step. And if I publicly call myself an author and say I’m trying to make a career of it, then it gives me a pressure to actually do it. To put my money where my mouth is.

Other than feeling very proud of myself for taking positive steps, to be proactive, my sense of myself as a writer really hasn’t changed. I don’t suddenly feel more professional, or validated as an artist or anything like that. Maybe because I already believed in myself and my writing very strongly. I don’t think I had too many illusions to shatter, either positive or negative, about myself or my writing or what approaching publishing this way was going to be.

Check out the rest at!


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