First Interview Goes Up Today! – now with link!

The gracious and lovely Dana Sitar asked to interview me a few weeks ago, mostly, she said, to get another perspective on self- and ebook-publishing, which is something she has recently decided to try. Naturally I was delighted at the chance to pontificate on such matters to a new audience (among other things). The results are scheduled to go up today on her blog,

I will update with an excerpt and the link once the Q&A is live. Thanks again to Dana for the opportunity!


If you want to just hop directly to the interview, you can access Part 1 here.  Part 2 (since apparently I rambled enough to warrant a split interview. Writers…I know right?) will be up next Thursday, and I will link once it’s live.

Here is a pithy appetizer for you to play “guess what the question  was” with–full context and the rest of my weekly moment of nerd at Dana’s site!

 As a writer I find romance enjoyable and inspiring to write. For me, the obvious constraints of the genre help foster ideas, because the infinite possibilities for stories have been narrowed down to this really deep infinity. Not to go full nerd here, but I’m going to use a math analogy: If you just sit down to write “a novel” and have no constraints on you, you’re looking at a number of possible ideas equivalent of the infinity of all numbers. If you sit down to write a romance novel, you’re looking at the infinity of decimals between 0 and 1. Still an infinite number of possibilities, but because it exists in such a tiny space — the constraints of the genre — it’s easier to find a new story, because it doesn’t have to be so different from everything else that has been done in the genre before.


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