New Guest Post, and Facebook

I have a guest post running today over at Sugarbeatsbooks–very big thanks to Barb for hosting me, especially after yesterday’s review!  I was quite excited to be able to answer her favorite prompt of “where do you get your ideas” in a romance-specific context.  My answer was “Between the Cracks.”  What I mean by that is by looking into the gaps in the romance genre for themes that aren’t used often. Such as the widow who was not abused, neglected, or sexually unawakened but one who really loved her first husband and had great sex with him. That’s a rarity–and I bet it would make a great story….

You can find out how I move from Gary Larson to rakish men within 500 words of each other over at!

In other news–mm, other announcements; this is not news, just something I forgot to mention when I did it–you can friend me on Facebook. I don’t use Facebook to its capacity or intended purpose (at least not yet) since I tend to focus my social media attention first on this blog and second on Twitter, but if you prefer to do your social networking/blog subscribing via the Facebook platform, I do have one, it is legit, it will keep you in the loop.



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2 responses to “New Guest Post, and Facebook

  1. Congratulations on the guest post. Am hopping over there right away. I don’t Facebook, so you won’t see me there. Good luck though!

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