New Review of My Twelfth Night Novellas!

Or, Monday Afternoon: Like night and day from the last review

Barb over at was kind enough to review both What You Will and Twelfth Night today.  She had some very kind things to say, which is always nice to hear. Clearly she is a lady of refined taste and excellent judgment. 🙂

You can check out the entire review here, but if you just want the highlights….

From the section on What You Will:

This short little story was totally delightful. … This story rocked right along taking the reader for a little glimpse into the glittery world of a Regency romance.

And from the part on Twelfth Night (continuing the trend my beta readers set of everyone liking it a little better):

This short little story is wonderful.

These two characters in particular are very well written.

I highly recommend this book – especially to be read after What You Will. The two books serve as a great set of wonderful reads!  I look forward to anything else this author writes!

Ah, now THAT is a happy ending!



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4 responses to “New Review of My Twelfth Night Novellas!

  1. Hi Lily! I loved these two stories….waiting to see what you write next….I’m having a regency withdrawal right now….
    Looking forward to day two on my blog tomorrow!

  2. Congratulations! And keep the smile.

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