Saturday Synergy

Or, Research Clues from the Darnedest Places

Like any good fashionista–however lackadaisical a fashionista I am–the one magazine I buy every year is Vogue’s September issue.  I finally made it through to the final page this morning, and what should be there but an historical factoid that told me I had yet another piece of research to do? 

Here is the pertinent page:

It’s talking about a sumptuary law King Edward signed in 1463 that said only members of the nobility could wear velvet.  My immediate thought was, “Were any such laws still on the books during the Napoleonic Wars/Regency period?” (There were not.)

A minor detail to some, but actually of serious consequence for the story I am currently working on now if I got it wrong. 

Yet another piece of information I would never have known to research without running into a reference like that. Which is why I always have my writer’s cap on…you just never know when you’re going to learn something useful.


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