Google Alert Fail: Just Noticed This Review

Or, And this is why I sometimes Google myself, just, you know, in case.

Somehow I missed this review when it popped up August 25.  And it was buried 6 pages deep in my Google stuff–honestly, about the point when it stops returning this blog, my website, my twitter, guest posts I’ve written, and bookselling sites–so I guess I should be happy I saw it at all?

Anyway, we have a double review of What You Will and Twelfth Night, this time from someone who helped me drink away that Smart Bitches review of WYW by buying them anyway.  And she was nice enough to review them, which is always helpful.

The upshot is, 3 (of 5) pints of blood and the bottom line “I do think there’s a lot here to like, especially if you’re a fan of mistaken identities (and there are two cases of it, so double whammy!) This is a pair of novellas to read for the concepts involved, and considering the current price point it’s worth spending an evening with the Gardener sisters.”

On the other hand, the reviewer did pick out  some of  exactly the same criticism as SBTB (confirmation bias, what?), and there wasn’t much commentary exclusive to Twelfth Night (which has not been reviewed separately anywhere yet),  but I’m gratified this reader, at least, found enough in the books that she liked to mark them an overall positive experience.

Whole thing here.


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