Back for the Taste of Your Love*

Or, What Keeps You Coming Back to a Blog?

I’ve been asking myself this question lately, mostly because it seems my blog traffic numbers have grown exponentially in the last week, and I’m curious whether it’s a fluke from increased exposure on particular sites that will die off again or a genuine increase.  Basically, is this new daily minimum an aberration or a trend?

I know how I judge blogs; I ask myself two very simple questions:

  1. Is it interesting to read (both topics and the actual writing)?
  2. Does it update frequently?

If the answer to both is yes, then I will come back as long as the topics keep holding my interest.  For some reason I prefer to bookmark rather than subscribing, not really sure why. I think I just prefer to stumble onto new posts when I’m ready for them, not feel compelled to go look when I see the email alert telling me it’s there.

Assuming a lot of readers out there are like me–dare I hope people are bookmarking me and coming back because they find me engaging?  I know I update frequently, even if it’s not every day or (shudders just to think of it) multiple times a day….

I guess I won’t know for a while, until that Dread Review works its way off the front page of that review site and all the hooplah of the #amwriting birthday blog party is past. For now I’m going to let *Johnny Lang answer my initial question as eloquently as only a bluesman can:

Here I come, I’m coming for a taste of your love

Here I come, baby, because I like what you do for me.



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2 responses to “Back for the Taste of Your Love*

  1. Office Bitch

    I find that, when given the chance, Jonny Lang can solve any problem.

  2. OB, you speak the truth. He IS a powerful antidote to what ails!

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