Where I #AmWriting

Or, Happy Birthday to the Best Online Writing Community!

So this is where the magic happens: 

And since you can’t *quite* make it out, a close-up of my computer with the #amwriting.org website up: 

I also came up with a haiku, to be read in the style of William Shatner, AKA as if the pauses are syllables.

I … am writing.

It feels like I’m … dreaming

To say I’ve written.

If you ended up here on the blog hopping tour for the #amwriting community, you need to know two things:

Your drink here was a Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka with lemon, because any good hostess offers her guests sweet tea, and any good writer offers her fellows a good stiff drink.

And your next stop will be at the lovely Jennifer Spiller’s blog.  Post here.

Thanks for stopping in, and congrats to Johanna on creating and fostering such a wonderful community online for writers!



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7 responses to “Where I #AmWriting

  1. Love the drink! I can so picture William Shatner reading that haiku.

  2. Success! Although I will admit it was a conceit I came up with when I counted “i am writing” was 4 syllables and couldn’t figure out how else to make 5….

    If you did not know, Firefly is a real liquor brand. Not sure how wide its distribution is beyond the Southern US, though (not sure where you are, but if you’re down here it should be available). With a splash of water and some lemon, it really does taste just like iced tea…except alcoholic. Mmmm…

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  3. I LOVE the haiku. I had to read it out loud.

    More than once.

    Thank you for this!

  4. Read it aloud as William Shatner would, and realized all haikus should be read that way. In fact, perhaps EVERYTHING should. If it’s good enough for the Capt. … ;-} I wish my computer area was a neat as yours.

  5. Nikki, now *I* am going to read all haikus that way 🙂

    And thanks! The desk is part of our antique house so antique decor scheme. Er…and if by “neat” you mean organized, well, you haven’t seen what all’s crammed into that drawer….

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