Someone Else Loved What You Will!

I had my first unsolicited review pop up over at Smashwords on What You Will.  It got rated 5 stars and the buyer was kind enough to leave some words of praise:

“This is an enjoyable short Regency romance with a great plot. It’s a quick read and I can’t wait to read the other twin’s story.”

So we’re currently batting two five-star ratings and two “looking forward to the next one” reviews.  I call this…winning. 

Also Twelfth Night has been selling quite well, with almost as many copies picked up in the first few days as What You Will got in its first seven weeks (already in double digits between the two sales avenues!). I have no way to tell if these are repeat buyers and thus all the sales I can expect any time soon, or new people who stumbled ontoTwelfth Night first.

Interestingly, I have sold more copies of Twelfth Night in the UK than in the US on Kindle (which does break out separate reports based on location, since technically it is different stores), which…surprised me.  Not sure why, except that the US romance audience is bigger, so I’d expect the proportion of US sales to be bigger. But maybe Amazon UK is such a smaller pool of independent writers that it’s easier for prospective readers to find me?  Or maybe it has to do with some of my Twitter network being based overseas?  Or maybe the Regency historical market is stronger in the UK than the US, even if the US reads more romance overall?  Hard to say.  But interesting, even if it’s just a coincidence.  Fact is, the numbers I’m talking about are small enough that even a stray sale or two can skew the statistics, so take all of these trend reports with a grain of salt…I do.

The main thing is, response continues positive if not overwhelming, and that is enough.  This is a long-tail game, and I maintain my belief that as long as what I’m writing is quality, it will be read.

Have you read one of my stories?  Let me know what you thought!  You can comment below, of course, or leave me a review on your blog, or Amazon, or Smashwords, or Goodreads, or Twitter…on the bathroom wall at your favorite dive…grateful for it all!


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