Twelfth Night Is Now Available!

Or, Working Toward the Dream, 25,000 Words at a Time

The big news today is that my second Regency romance novella Twelfth Night, companion piece to What You Will, is now available!  This time it is for sale via Smashwords and Amazon both, both at the fabulously affordable $0.99.  Amazon obviously only has the Kindle version, but Smashwords has that format (.mobi) AND all the others (including plain text and html for those of you who just want to read it like a giant webpage on your computer).  As with What You Will, in a couple weeks Twelfth Night should clear Smashwords’ distrubution channels and get into other ebook retailers like Barnes & Noble and iTunes directly.  I will update accordingly. 

I will have an excerpt up tomorrow, or you can read the first 15% on Smashwords or some unstated but no doubt similar percent on Amazon without having to purchase.  In the meantime, here is the premise of Twelfth Night:

Olivia Gardener is the toast of London.  Charismatic and beautiful, she can command the attention of every man in the room—except the one she wants.  But when a risqué wager threatens to end in scandal, will her old friend prove she already has his heart and save her from her own folly?

This story is a little bit more dramatic than What You Will, which was mostly sweet, so if you read the first and wanted more angst, or passed because it seemed too fluffy, this might be more to your taste.  But if you liked WYW, I am sure you’ll like this one just as much or more…all my test readers did!

As ever, thanks for reading!



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2 responses to “Twelfth Night Is Now Available!

  1. A very big congratulations on your successful launch. I hope you sell a gazillion copies!

  2. Thank you! Is it too crass to admit that I hope so too? 🙂

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