What You Will Is Available on Smashwords

As a trial run for getting my next ebook out through more channels than just Amazon, I went ahead and put What You Will through the “meatgrinder” on smashwords.com that enables it to be distributed through every major ebook retailer/format, as well as Smashwords directly.  It went easily–a lot more easily than some of the other independent authors out there have complained about, probably because I am not a snob who hates MS Word and refuses to work in it, nor am I a luddite who tries to make MS Word work like a typewriter with five spaces instead of a first-line indent or hitting return at the end of each line.

So, the upshot is, if you don’t have a Kindle but want to read my book, you can download it in any imaginable digital format (including simply .html to read like a 22,000-word webpage if you have no ereader but your computer and don’t want to bother with an ereader app-for-your-PC) at smashwords.  I will update on other channels once it appears in them (like Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc.–most of them have a 2-week lag time).

The other good news is I went ahead and did all the formatting on Twelfth Night so it will be 5 minutes of my time Tuesday to get it rolled out on time for my scheduled July 20 release.


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