While We’re on the Subject of Streaking…

Or, Updates in the Interest of Transparency

I promised from the beginning that I would be open about what I’m doing and where it’s getting me, even if that is just the long lonely road to nowhere.  Today seems like a good day to look back at where I’ve gotten in the six or so (just under, I think) weeks since I published my first ebook.

Twitter followers are up to 43.  Can’t wait until I have more people following me than I am following!  If you want to be one of them and aren’t, I tweet @lilylefevre (alas, my full name was too long for a handle).

I reliably have 2 people who drop in here every day (if you are one of those two, hi there!  Glad you like my style! I like yours, too).  The busiest day I’ve had was 32.  Not quite breaking records here, but not actually all that bad for someone who’s only been blogging at this page for 2 months.

I have sold double-digits (barely) of my novella What You Will on Amazon.  If I pick my happy hour very, very carefully I could get drunk off the proceeds, which was my second goal (after being able to buy myself a drink).  Next goal will be to get myself drunk without any caveats on the time or place, and after that I think I will be looking at getting to triple digit sales as the next milestone.  Don’t know about my book?  First scene is here, or you can go straight to Amazon and buy it on my assurance that it’s fabulous. I will be expanding sales venues to Smashwords and AllRomance (and possibly others) before the end of the month, too, so if you have a non-Kindle ereader you should be able to grab it soon. 

I have had one positive review and one 5-star rating, so thus far the response looks promising. 

One blogger I had offered it to declined because she didn’t like the premise after reading the first scene (SHOCKING, I KNOW, I MEAN HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT TO READ IT, IT IS AWESOME) but better the honesty up front than a bad review at the back end.

Not an hour after I saw that email, however, I had one from a larger review site saying someone had requested it for review.  This was a happy surprise and more than made up for the thanks but no thanks, since the odds of getting picked off a review list for a big site are probably slim, given the number of works published in a given month.  Hopefully the requester will review it (nothing is ever guaranteed, which is fine, see above) and will also be positive about it.

My first guest post ever went up this week, at the amwriting (dot org) writing blog.  It is about where I get my ideas–how I take the grain of an idea and turn it into a pearl of a story (hence the title “How to Make Pearls”).

I have another guest post scheduled to go up next week, on July 12 (is that Tuesday?  I think that’s Tuesday), which I am very excited about, as it was my beta reader’s favorite of three posts I sent her for approval.  And also because I think the Word Vandal blog attracts a more general (and therefore more strongly potential buying :)) audience than just fellow writers who will sagely stroke their goatees at my meta-writing* and then go back to writing their own novels/blogs/amwriting guest posts/et cetera.

*I totally just coined that term but it’s awesome, and I intend to keep it.  Meta-writing = writing on writing.  Go forth and use it.  Let it flourish in the fertile fields of digital slang.

I am getting ready to dive back into the publish/solicit reviews cycle, because my second ebook, sequel slash companion piece slash other half of my first one will be out before the end of the month.  I do not yet have a date settled, but I’ve got my cover art picked and know the routine from having done it once, so stay tuned for more details on that….

That about sums up my progress since publishing.  I have at best made a ripple, but that was really about the best I could hope for, doing it this way.  Onward and upward!  And thanks for reading if you stuck with me this far–I do appreciate the interest and the support!


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