“It’s a well-plotted, well-paced story; I’m glad that I took the time to read it”

Or, My First Review!

Subtitle says it all, yes?  One of the romance bloggers whom I’ve contacted over the past month about reading and reviewing What You Will just posted her review (there’s another who put up a star rating–5 out of 5, ahem, from someone who does not always give good starrings–but no review with it for me to praise as genius or ridicule as ridiculous fustian).  Yeah, so, first review.

It’s mostly positive.  More importantly it’s believably positive.  This was someone who had clearly read it, and who liked it and wants to see the next one even if it wasn’t perfect.  I would be suspicious if someone I don’t know in real life, who has more than a passing familiarity with romance, was all “OMG! Best book ever!” about it. I mean, probably not too suspicious, but I would go see if this was said about all books on the site as either the author or a prospective buyer looking for an outside opinion. 

Now, the writer in me would have loved a further discussion of the problem sections (WOODEN in places?  What?  OVERDONE in places?  Inconceivable!)  but, alas, I am left to the pleasure of discovering this 5 years from now when I decide to go back and re-read my earliest publications with a better distance and vision.  So I’ll wait to enjoy that surprise then. (The marketer in me does not mind the lack of those specific examples, in hopes that not everyone will see them, since, obviously, I didn’t and neither did my beta readers.)  Also, 1 typo per 23K?  Not good enough.  I am so firing my editor.

Here was my favorite part:

I read Courtney Milan’s Unlocked, and What You Will isn’t as good as Unlocked. The writing is a little more wooden in some places, a little overdone in others, and it doesn’t have as strong an emotional grip. However, it’s a sweet story with a fun concept, it’s very readable, and I’m interested in party girl Olivia’s story, due next month.

Bar none the most critical part (but also encouraging, since she freely admits to wanting the next story), and yet that isn’t even why it’s the part that made me smile.  No, that would be the fact that she just compared it to Courtney Milan’s new ebook novella that has landed her on the NYT and USA Today bestseller lists.  Um.  Yeah.  I so don’t mind coming in behind her.  Milan is one of the writers who I would consider an influence, based on the characters she chose to write about in her first two published works changing my perception of the character landscape for populating romance novels. Also, she’s awesome, and I love her work.  I am happy to have my novella come in as a lesser version of hers. 

Because, correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t that implicit in such a comparison?  I mean, you don’t write a review of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and end it with “It’s not as good as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” because, duh, those are so different that the comparison is irrelevant.  Ergo this reviewer must have felt my little bookie-wook (which, clearly I view as a child if it makes me baby talk when I get proud of something it has achieved, as if I had nothing to do with it) is at least vaguely similar enough to justify such a comparison.  Right?  I hope so, anyway.

You can go read the review here.  And if you’ve read my ebook, too, by all means leave the charming piratess your thoughts. Or leave them here for me.  Either way.


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