Missing the Forest for the Trees

I am a bit brain-dead tonight so no clever title, or perhaps the cleverness is in the subtitles, but either way I am feeling decidedly prosaic.  Perhaps this was because of a long day at my day job, or perhaps it was because my subconscious was hard at work all last night.  I woke up this morning, you see, with a grasp of why I’ve had such a hard time working on at least one of the stories lately (the other is slow going because it’s scenes when the hero and heroine are not together, yawn)–I had lost track of the story’s overall shape because I was too engrossed in my close-focus view.

The good news is, it’s not a damage that requires extensive reconstructive surgery to repair.  The hero simply noticed too soon that he genuinely admired the girl scandal necessitated he marry, and the reason the scene was dragging is because it was supposed to be a moment of profound realization but was instead reiteration of an epiphany he’d had earlier.  I think a handful of sentences will be cut, a few more will be moved to a different scene later on, a couple new ones might be added back into the gaps, and then I should be able to move onward again. 

It’s a balance a writer has to maintain, between getting into the scene at hand but also maintaining the narrative’s proper character and structure.  In the mood I’m in right now, it reminds me of the barrel-riding scene in The Hobbit, with Bilbo struggling to stay atop the cask as it rolled and pitched along the river.  Shift too far one way and land in the rapids; shift too far the other and hit a rock.  Yes. 

Or, navigating an untold story is like barrel-riding.



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4 responses to “Missing the Forest for the Trees

  1. Lucy

    Well at least there isn’t too much reconstruction needed, but sorry you have a little extra work to do. Hopefully it will all iron out smoothly for ya.

    Also, LOVE the Hobbit reference/memory of that scene. Very cool, Lily. 🙂

  2. ha, ha, ha, I’m just glad i’m not the only person who remembers how AWESOME that old cartoon is!

    and as far as revisions go, i just remember what my old writing professor called them: re-visions, as in you re-envision the story…which is exactly what this needs. or really retro-visioning, since it’s taking it back to what it was when i originally thought it up.

  3. Lucy

    Haha oh I will ALWAYS remember that awesome cartoon…and my poor children have a future of that “retro-reminder” to look forward to. 😉

    Also, I dig the word play your old professor uses…good way to think of it. 🙂 Well good luck with all the retro-visioning. 🙂

  4. Lucy

    maybe I should throw a couple more smiley faces in there….I don’t think I used quite enough. hehe

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