Community Outreach

Or, The #amwriting community

I’ve joined my first fraternas scribulus (and no, that is not an attempt at real Latin so much as it is an attempt at Hogwarts Latin) in the #amwriting Twitter and .org community.  I have an author bio up over there, which you can read here, and I have scheduled a guest blog post for July 5. 

I am not sure yet what I’m going to blog about for that. Obviously it needs to be snappy and fabulous, and a window into my unique (or is it?) writing process or perspective on words that makes me sound all professional and insightful and legitimate as an author.  Actually, I’ve been writing and blogging about writing under various ‘net handles long enough that I know my process and style is not that unique for writers and therefore is entirely legit.  The main concern I really have is not sounding like some upstart know-it-all (because, let’s face it, no one likes Hermione at first introduction) since I’m a new member over there and only have one ebook out, while at the same time having something to contribute to the conversation aside from simple validation that anyone who does things my way is not alone.

I have a lot of options buzzing in my head, all of which I’ll eventually write either for here or for elsewhere, as I keep a running list of topics about which I wish to blog.  The question is simply which one do I use? 


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