Official News: D-Day Set

Perhaps I should call it “R-Day” for Release Day. It’s not exactly a complicated maneuver to format a document per the Amazon Kindle spec’s and hit the magical words “publish now.”  But it feels like a big deal to me. 

It shouldn’t.  I expect it will be the most anti-climactic day of my life.  I will publish my first e-book, and in a giddy flurry of excitement post about it here and on my official website.  Then I will get a text from one or two of my best friends informing me they just downloaded it.  Then…

Then there will be no then.  Nothing else will happen.  Not that day, and maybe not even that week.

I do have a plan of attack for raising awareness–shameless soliciting at all the romance blogs and review sites I can find.  Some of them might even agree to review my novella, or let me put up a guest post. But that would not have an immediate impact.

No, the only immediate impact will be that I can look up my name on Amazon and have it come back with a product, or sign in to my account and see the sad little marker of 2 copies sold. 

Hell, I won’t even be able to Google myself and expect different results to pop up for at least a day or two–not till their search data refreshes.

So that will be my release day.  I am not trying to sound negative here, simply realistic.  It will be exciting for me, but solely for the fact that I just did something instead of merely talking about it.  It will not be exciting in terms of sales or new readers at first. After a few days or weeks, hopefully.  But for me, after 8:30 or so a.m., June 1, 2011, will be just like any other day.

Or, My first e-book is coming out on June 1, 2011!



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2 responses to “Official News: D-Day Set

  1. Lucy

    Huh, I never really thought of a time line for exposure, that’s interesting. I hope for lots of traffic (readers) your way and hopefully more as time goes on. 🙂

  2. Me, too! I will be making the rounds of any romance blogs that will have me once it’s up…that should help. Figured it was better to wait till potential readers can get product in hand than have to wait a week and then forget me.

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