Official Announcement: Official Website

Or, Setting a precedent early on for how I intend to proceed.

I want to give everyone a pointer to my official website, if you have not seen it already:

As I stated in my first official announcement over there, I intend to keep my website fairly streamlined.  The only news items which will go up are formal announcements.  The messier, day-to-day peering over the shoulder of a working writer will be found here; there is for the illusion of sleek professionalism and to-the-point information sharing.

But since I can’t have something announced there and not make at least a call-back to it here, to let everyone know the site has been updated, I had to say something about creating a News page.  Even if the only news thus far is directing people to come here.  Ah, circles….

Back to my point:  this is how news big enough to be put up on my site will be announced here, with the “Official Announcement” designation.  Everything is now officially official. 

And a good day to you, sir!


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